Base Oil Ultra 8, CAS-No.: 64742-54-7
We are supplier of the product Base Oil Ultra 8 to several customers in the chemical and technical industry.

Please note the specification data of Base Oil Ultra 8 in the following table.

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Please note:
We do not supply the product
Base Oil Ultra 8
to private users!

General informations:

Base Oil Ultra 8 is highly purified product with extremely low unsaturated aromatic contents and impurity as well as superior NOACK, CCS quality.
Base Oil Ultra 8 is a product that can be marked as 'synthetic oils' and blended in high quality FL products.

Product Specification:

Chemical name:
hydrotreated heavy paraffinic base oil
Kin. Vis. @ 40°C, cSt:
ca 43-45
Kin. Vis. @ 100°C, cSt:
IBC / tanktruck
Viscosity Index: min 120, Flash Point: min 240°C (COC)
Distillates (petroleum), hydrotreated heavy paraffinic
Product categories:

This data is only for your information purposes and does not imply a guarantee for a certain application.

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