Oleylcetylalkohol 90-95
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Product Specification:

Chemical name :Oleylcetylalkohol 90-95
Chemical name 2 :unsaturated fatty alcohol
Appearance :colourless liquid
C-chain distribution : C16 : 2-10 % C 18 : 90-98 % C20+ : max 3 %
other :acid value : max 0,2 mg KOH/g
iodine value : 90-98g I2/100g
Moisture :max 0,1
Density :0,83-0,84
Packing :drums
Einecs-No. :205-597-3
CAS-No. :143-28-2
Notes :colour: max 100 APHA
Synonym :oleyl alcohol plasticiser surface active agent

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Oleylcetylalkohol 90-95
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